Hello, my name is Gregory Clauser.
I am a recent cancer survivor.  Between 2003 and 2006 I survived a difficult fight with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma or Sinus and Lymph node Cancer.  Like many others fighting Cancer, it was a difficult and life changing experience for us. 

My stage 4 Cancer diagnosis hit us unexpected and quickly.  I was treated at Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia.  I know  how lucky and blessed I am to still be here after being given six months to live.   I have created “Flight for Cancer.org”.  An effort to raise cancer awareness and contribute to the fight against Cancer thru flight.

My next event will be Sept, 07 2013.at Wings Field in Blue Bell  PA (KLOM). I will  be showing my Pitts Special during the
Angel Flight’s Annual Wings and Wheels Event.   Please stop by and support this effort that provides transportation to medically ill patients including cancer patients. 

Thanks to everyone who visited us during my annual fund raiser at Doylestown Airport in Doylestown PA.   100% of all funds raised went to the Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center in Philadelphia where I was treated. .

I cannot forget those I left on the advanced Cancer ward.  For many months, I was connected to two chemo drugs during a seven day long chemo infusion along with daily hour long radiation treatments.  While living on the advanced cancer ward, I used to look out the window at everyday life on the street below passing us by.

This coming spring through fall you may see the newly restored “Flight for Cancer” Pitts Special.   I will be flying to local airports in the PA, NJ, NY, DE, and MD areas to raise Cancer awareness.  Stop by, say hello and, if you are able, make a donation
in support of others still suffering and fighting their own battle with Cancer.

Best Regards in Flight.  

Thank You
Gregory A. Clauser

“always fill your mind with positive thought.”  


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An Aviators Fight with Cancer and return to Flight

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My Flying Career. 

My Pitts Special Restoration.

My Cancer Experience

Next Event, Sept 7, 2013 
Angel Flight Event
Thank you Everyone for making donations at my Fund Raiser and online.  
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2013 Fund Raisers.  My_Cancer.html

Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center

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